POLITIK HARIAN: 10 Years Supporting Khairy Jamaluddin #KJ4KP @Khairykj @sameerkhanlgk

Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 Years Supporting Khairy Jamaluddin #KJ4KP @Khairykj @sameerkhanlgk

The most frequently asked question I receive either by social network or in person is, “Bro, u ni pegawai KJ ke?”. The truth is, as a one on one to chat, I have only met Khairy Jamaluddin once, for 10 minutes. The rest was only during programs.

Maybe that question is often raised for the reason that I often talk about him or post articles or photos that feature him. Innocently, as paranoia as it sounds, I can say that I am still his no. 1 fan.

I first met Khairy Jamaluddin in early 2000, at that point when I met him, he was the most talked about person in the country, and I was just someone who used to observe his qualities form afar, and also at times sneaked my way into halls where he will deliver his speeches. Just to witness at first hand, a young talented UMNO leader delivering a speech filled with technical fact to fact.

Khairy Jamauddin as being featured as headlines on national news is the sort of thing most people would lose sleep over. But the past few years, many observers as us Malaysians love to be, including me, have been anxiously worrying about the risk of losing such a figure in the arena from within, meaning – UMNO.

If it actually happens, that would absolutely be big news.

In fact, we the grassroots cherish a clean election, free from bickering (which is the hardest part) and there can never be a right time in Malaysia to bring an end to such activity. It is also time for the UMNO members to face the hard truth where no matter what or how we campaign, the only way by moving forward is to actually be brave in taking that first step.

Many years ago, I posted this poem:

The Brave.

To learn to walk, we must risk falling over.

To make a dollar, we must risk losing it.

In loving and caring, we risk breaking our hearts.

Getting a job is a risk.

Crossing the road is a risk.

Eating in the restaurant is a risk.

Starting a family is a risk.

Life is a risk.

Winners take more risk than losers.

That is why winners win so much.

- Michael Ng

Khairy Jamaluddin has taken that step, like being vocal. Speaking and rising up for the youth when we (myself speaking as a youth) had absolutely no one to go to before Khairy’s appointment as UMNO Youth Chief.

A debate will soon erupt, about the relevance of Khairy Jamaluddin’s existence as leader of UMNO Youth, or maybe ‘they’ have already started spinning it.

Always remember that the worst error politicians can make is to spin themselves to rise up above another in a race to being head of that post.

To that, I remember while Khairy Jamaluddin was campaigning for UMNO Youth Chief just after the 12th General elections as I was following his moves avidly and none of his speeches mentioned that they must vote for him unless for a “Youth for Youth” acceptance.

Teaching basic ‘math’ to a political party is no simple matter. On normal circumstances, it usually involves the ‘heavy hammer of multiple crushing’ followed by teary election results, may it be winning or losing.

But in the precincts of moving forward, the opposite will always cry soundly. I recently read an article posted by the contender’s supporter, saying that UMNO will reach the gates of dooming itself if its members stop fighting the Malay cause. At first, I typed out a long explanation about how untrue can that be, but it is a waste of time, as ‘they’ will never absorb simple arithmetic’s.

Ever since Khairy Jamaluddin was elected UMNO Youth Chief whose tireless work to recruit fresh ideas never failed to complement the Prime Minister’s mission to gain back the support from the youth.

As an example; the number of volunteer recruitment through BN Youth Volunteers Programme displayed a great support towards Khairy’s vision in making UMNO Youth a platform for every volunteer of UMNO’s grassroot to display his or her support towards the party through a particular talent, individually.

I just hope Khairy Jamaluddin wins his second term as UMNO Youth Chief. So that the balance of his vision to form a new UMNO Youth, being filled with grassroot members who sincerely want to contribute to UMNO, either by nation building or in any other form would be a reality.

We all Malaysians, deep down, exclusively, want Khairy Jamaluddin to continue leading UMNO Youth with his flawless charisma of designing the most suitable ‘software’ to fit UMNO Youth’s dignity, simply of being UMNO’s right wing while the Prime Minister is working tirelessly in transforming UMNO to be accepted by every single Malay individual.

Wether Khairy Jamaluddin wins or not, it will be up to a number of individuals who will vote for the future of the youth and UMNO.

Choosing the right leader is never easy because we never know what the future will bring, but when you draw it down, all we need is someone who can continue forming UMNO Youth to be much stronger as it is already becoming.

The first term as UMNO Youth Chief was not easy for Khairy Jamaluddin, this coming term, if he wins, will be the years UMNO Youth has been waiting for in achieving that goal in becoming that movement where one day we will all realize that it was the right choice in electing

Khairy Jamaluddin to head UMNO Youth.

You’ll see.

Sameer Khan.


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ha..ha..ha..this idiot also has been fooled by KJ the King Cobra

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Good article bro.
Support KJ !!!
The Best for UMNO Youth !!

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whatever..Khairy Jamaluddin still the best, among the best. cause i'm following KP improvement, nor like 'that big Fat liar.