Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1 Rainbow Has New RM 1.8 Million Home ?

A Chinese political news portal,, has reported that Rainbow, who is allegedly to have an affair with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, is now staying in a luxury terrace house worth RM1.8mil.
And the house of the school teacher is just a stone’s throw away from Lim’s rented bungalow, which Lim is currently staying with his family.

Dear Leader as, we know, is using taxpayers’ money as he has refused to move into the official CM residence.

Kedah Parti Cinta Malaysia Youth treasurer Fang Zhao Bin told reporters last Friday that he received four photos of the house from Penang PKR leaders.

Fang claimed that the house belonged to “a former staff from the Penang Chief Minister office.”

Although Fang did not disclose the name of the owner, the website said from the information it received, the former staff was Rainbow.

Fang said the house, which has five bedrooms, was situated in Slim Villas.

Why did Rainbow aka Ng Phaik Kheng decided to buy a house to be so near to Lim’s luxury bungalow?

According to the website, there were two versions of the story.

First, it said Dear Leader, who wanted to break up with Rainbow, gave a substantial amount of money to Rainbow after his wife, Betty Chew, found out about their relationship.

However, the website said this could be just rumours.

Second, it said Rainbow, through the Plaster Man, had arm twisted the developer to give a hefty discount so that she could buy the house below the market price.

Never mind, if the developer had to bang balls, as we said.

It said Rainbow bought the house two years ago. Rainbow was still the special assistant to her idol two years ago.

It said Rainbow bought the house at less than RM700,000 – a million ringgit discount?

And why should Rainbow buy a house that is so near to Dear Leader’s home?

The website said it believed everyone would know the reasons behind her decision or is it HIS decision? So near and yet so far.



Anonymous said...

Teringat aku dengan pepatah lagu nyanyian Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee yang berbunyi "Tiada kata secantik bahasa" nak ku puji adinda...Begitu lah suasana cinta abadi antara Ah Eng dengan Rainbow...


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