Monday, May 7, 2012

Lampiran Bukti Khalid Ibrahim Gadai Tanah Yayasan Selangor Kepada Pusat Kebudayaan Cina

Baca pendedahan RPK dalam Malaysia Today, di sini. Antara yang bakal mengemparkan di dalam artikel beliau:

"So, Malaysia Chronicle a.k.a. Suara Tian Chua, do we continue? What more shall we talk about? Shall we talk about how Desi YL Chong was rejected by Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today before he joined Malaysia Chronicle to become a member of Tian Chua’s team? Shall we talk about how Wong Choon Mei was sacked from Malaysiakini for misconduct before she joined Malaysia Chronicle to become a member of Tian Chua’s team?

Yes, what more shall be talk about?

Shall we talk about that Malay girl, the daughter of an opposition leader, who Tian Chua made pregnant and later had to have an abortion to get rid of the unwanted baby? I do not want to mention her name so as not to shame the girl or her father. Dr Syed Husin Ali knows about this matter so he is aware of what I am talking about. So let’s leave it at that, at least for the meantime, unless Tian Chua or Malaysia Chronicle a.k.a Suara Tian Chua wants to take this to the next level."



Anonymous said...

seriusly shit man...and here we thougt tian chua is bloddy moral and honest man for being ngo stang for rights of every single thing..

and the best part is their trojan horse rpk is the one that actually tell the story about them...what next bn dah beli rpk(again blame bn)

this is they party that u want to elected to change bn..much much worse then bn it self..for god sake sudah kasi bunting anak orang kasi gugur(very hak asasi punya orang)

Anonymous said...