Thursday, April 5, 2012

0 Nizar Vale

Northxpose : There have been numerous instances of the Pakatan Rakyat hypocrisy since its very formation – from Anwar’s daily chameleon act to accusations of fiscal mismanagement when the opposition’s Buku Jingga is itself a path to bankruptcy.

But nothing can be more humiliating than to be caught lying red handed, in a forum where lying is far too expensive an option – the assembly of elected representatives.

Such was what occurred in the Perak DUN assembly, when Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir skillfully exposed his nemesis Datuk Nizar Jamaludin for the lying hypocrite that he is.

The Vale fiasco where Nizar had been at the forefront of protests against the iron ore distribution centre created and run by the Brazilian giant fully unravelled when Zambry read out a support letter Nizar had penned and signed as Menteri Besar, in which he more than welcomed Vale’s foray into Perak.

All this talk about environmentalism is mere political convenience so that Pakatan can oppose BN for the sake of opposing. A responsible opposition is clearly absent in Perak, as it is at the Federal level

As for Nizar, this episode at the Dewan may prove more damaging than the personal embarrassment he no doubt faces. It may yet prove to be a definitive blow to his chances of wrestling back the Perak state government from Zambry. Many Perakians might yet give another chance to someone who talks a good talk with or without the facts to back him up, but few would forgive a blatant opportunistic liar whose maneuvering and scheming are exposed by those very facts.



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